Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smart Noshing at Holiday Functions

Countless health publications and experts continually underscore the importance of not arriving at a holiday fete famished, as a way to curb overeating. Instead, we're encouraged to eat an apple, drink some V-8, or nibble a handful of almonds to stave off the likelihood of arriving at the party and immediately chowing through the cheese display, thereby leaving a path of destruction and bread sticks behind us.

As practical and realistic as this tidbit is, we also need to account for the possibility of not having a healthy stash of produce in our handbag. It's the holidays, folks; some of us just can't manage that kind of planning. If it makes you feel any better, I realized I was wearing my clothes inside-out at the gym the other day. True story.

So, what is a gal or guy to do, having crossed a threshold into the land of copious amounts of food and drink, salivating at the sight of each temptation? Proceed directly to the vegetable and/or fruit display. Fill up one small plate. This will help take the edge off your hunger. Follow the veggies or fruit with a glass of water or seltzer. What you do after that is up to you, but at least, you've given yourself a healthy base and, ideally, avoided the tendency to fill up on the nutritionally empty items first.

Your goal should not be to skip temptations all together. You're human. It's the holidays. Enjoy yourself. However, taking a little extra care when it comes to making decisions will help you weather the season with greater ease and better health.

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