Friday, December 19, 2008

A Boston Yogi Advises: "Pahk the Cah"

Here in Boston, we're hunkering down for a developing snowstorm. Last night, I vigilantly watched the news ticker, awaiting the cancellation of my classes today- until I realized that I'm no longer in school, which made for a disappointing experience all around. . .

We expect road conditions, traffic jams, and stress levels to be a bit of a bummer as well. So, why not park the car and walk as often and as far as you can until this thing blows over? Adding extra steps to your daily activity level is good for your booty, heart, and mood. Bundle up, and get out there!

What if you're reading from afar, like our friends (many of whom live in balmier climes)? Pick the farthest parking spots and skip the escalators at the mall as you polish off (err, perhaps, begin) your holiday shopping this weekend. Walking is the simplest, most natural form of exercise we have. Just because the season gets busy or blustery doesn't mean you have to miss a step.

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