Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Giving Feels Great!

Tonight, I was a proud member of the Big BENefit staff at a toy-drive sponsored by Kirsten and Benjamin Watson's charitable organization, One More. (Psst, not in-the-know about sports? Ben is the tight end for the New England Patriots). However, tonight, he was schlepping boxes and toting toys for 84 families who otherwise would not have gifts to open on Christmas morning. (Psst, the significance of the number 84? It's the same one emblazoned on his jersey each game day).

Earlier in the evening, I also swung by a holiday-themed open house at another one of my favorite nonprofit organizations, Artists for Humanity, which teaches and employs teens in the arts.

In both cases, I felt humbled and inspired by the goodness, creativity, energy, and compassion with which I was surrounded. It seems Om Gal's got a case of holiday spirit, and the prognosis looks good. I may even make it through the rest of the holiday season sans an all-too-typical (albeit occasional) case of the bah-humbugs. (C'mon, folks, you know the feeling; all it takes is one trip to the mall gone wrong). Similarly, all it takes is one good deed to snap any scrooge out of his/her miserly mood. Donate a toy to Christmas in the City or a local organization in your community that celebrates the season. Heck, that celebrates any worthwhile cause!

Sure, the economy is tanking, and it's easy to get swept under by a tidal wave of worry and negativity; however, it's just as easy to infuse your life and someone else's with a sparkle of positivity. Have your own spiritual salute or act of kindness to share this holiday? Post a comment; give a shout-out; tell the masses . . . We're listening, and we're thinking, "Game on!"

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