Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Brightens Your Day?

To help you kick off the month of April, I'm sharing a few small pleasures that are brightening my days right now.

Music: "Ode to Sunshine" by Delta Spirit. The title says it all. Delta Spirit, come to find out, is the band behind the song, which inspired one of my first posts, "All You Soul-Searching People C'mon." By some delightful twist of fate, I saw them perform last week in Cambridge (they're from California), and they blew everyone away. They're talented, stylish, slightly quirky, original, and multi-dimensional. The only thing more impressive than their music is any gal's ability to pay attention to it rather than fall prey to daydreams of becoming the über-cool Gwenyth Paltrow to the lead singer's handsome Chris Martin.

Yoga: Inner Strength Yoga Studio in Watertown. Master teachers Coeli Marsh [dear friend disclaimer!] and Roman Szpond deliver skilled, strong, and sincere classes. Practicing there is a new found joy.

Beauty: Smashbox Under Eye Brightener. The best way to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when a good night's sleep isn't readily available (mostly because you stay up late blogging).

Brains: East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I'm only a quarter of the way in, and the genius sparkles on every page.

What small joys will brighten the sometimes drizzly month of April for you?


deep roots said...

these things bring a little light to my life during those rainy spring days

Music: "Sketches of China" by Paul Kantner - an anthem from my youth

Yoga: that one extra breath you take when you're in a pose you simply cannot hold any longer

Beauty: Thinking about trying a pedicure(a first) - getting tired of looking at these toes in rag doll, they're not pretty.

Brains: Rereading Love in the Time of Cholera - the characters simply leap from the pages and invite you into the world of Gabriel García Márquez

In general: The scent of coincidence reminding me that we're in a constant conversation with the universe.

Holly said...


Found your blog a few weeks ago in a random web search for other yoga blogs...and I enjoy how you see the "yoga" in everyday, ordinary things. Likewise!

But I'm writing because I saw your glowing words about Inner Strength--which is also my newfound yoga home. Love, love, love that place. And Roman's class. Transformative and kick-ass all rolled into one.

I'm a semi-retired power yoga teacher myself (taught for a while at Prana Power Yoga) and now I'm just thoroughly enjoying being a student--and carrying my teaching into my writing instead.

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. The blogosphere can be so quiet--and so full of action--all at once. Crazy place.