Monday, April 28, 2008

Greatest Hits

I've learned a lot about you recently. You, being the reader. I've learned that you find a few yoga poses totally loathsome and certain books utterly lovable. Many of you are humorous. Some profound. All candid. Your insights are refreshing, your questions thoughtful, your wit engaging.

It's just a shame that I am often the only one who gets to enjoy your insight. So, here's a selection of some of my favorite pieces of feedback and inquiries directed to I've concealed identities but encourage you to keep sending your input, posting your thoughts, and asking great questions.

Some of the site's greatest hits:

"I sometimes tell folks. Yoga is to India as U2 is to Ireland. Originally
from one country, but now the property of the universe. No?"

-A Friend from India

"Just read the blog comment recommending M. Oliver's "Wild Geese." A former student, on hearing of my diagnosis two years ago, cut this poem out, pasted it to the front of a blank postcard and mailed it to me, hand decorated with little scrolls in brown ink. It was so powerful that I actually recite it while my "head" is literally trapped in the MRI machines up at Brigham, and lots of other times too. A great, longish mantra."

-A Former English Teacher

"Took Karen's bootcamp today at Charlestown yoga and was introduced to my new least favorite pose, Bird of Paradise, which I shall lovingly refer to as Vulture pose as I felt like falling over and dying at that point in the class. Seriously- legs, one up and one down- arms bound behind the back and beneath the thigh/knee and back straight!?! I didn't think it could be done, but I just watched an Internet video on it leading me now to conclude that there are aliens out there posing as yogis . . . "

-A Yogi, Runner, & Thoughtful Reader

"I very much dislike half pigeon. Especially when the instructor pushes you to bend forward and put your forehead to your mat. I see the red light telling me to stop almost every single time I do this pose. Disclaimer: I also happen to not care for real flying pigeons on the street. This may be a factor as to why I can't stand this pose."

-Comical Reader "Kate"

"The first cut is the deepest; the darkest hour is just before dawn, and the first step is the hardest. Get your shoes on and out the door- the rest will take care of itself."

- Running Coach & Former Winner of the Boston Marathon

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