Thursday, April 10, 2008

Om Gal Answers A Reader's Question About Yoga Tunes

Recently, fielded a question about the music played in yoga studios, and the question went something like this, "Hey, Om Gal, I love the music I hear when I enter a yoga studio but have no idea what it is. Can you help me out?"

You bet! Of course, the music played at studios before and after class varies greatly, but here are a few staples that yoga teachers tend to use in heavy rotation, followed by a few of my personal favorites that when peppered into a playlist, immediately infuse it with some added soul and spunk, which can also make for a great soundtrack for a home practice.

The Staples:

Krishna Das- A western interpretation of traditional Sanskrit chants. He's prolific, so there are plenty of albums from which to choose. Breath of Heart and Pilgrim Heart are the most popular.

Buddha Bar- You're also inclined to hear one of these smooth, funky compilation CDs at an Asian-inspired bar or lounge (hence the name). At this stage, there's a gaggle of options. Give a few songs a listen, and pick the album that resonates most.

Sacred Spirit- A Native American-inspired album that works particularly well in the opportune moments when you might want to listen to music during a practice.

Honorable Mentions: Wah! and Jai Uttal

The Stand-outs:

Madonna- An avid yogi, this former material girl can liven up any collection of yoga jams.

Alicia Keyes- Soulful and positive, she's a good pick to help rev up a long practice.

Coldplay- Mellow, a bit melancholy, and a great, user-friendly rock selection.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Use sparingly and err in the direction of the more subdued songs, such as Tear (By the Way), Wet Sand (Stadium Arcadium), and Hard to Concentrate (Stadium Arcadium).

What are your favorite yoga grooves?


Anonymous said...

Gravity by John Mayer and anything from Ray Lamontagne!

Om Gal said...

Beautiful! Feel free to chime in, all!

Katy said...

Shri Durga by DJ Cheb i Sabbah is one of my favorites. Most Deuter (especially Sun Spirit).

Great post - thanks!