Monday, March 31, 2008

Pose of the Day: Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

I'm a fan of fish, always have been, always will be. My days as a stringent vegetarian were numbered from the start; as the daughter of a restaurant family on Cape Cod, foregoing the fruits of the sea was like asking an orangutan to bypass bananas.

Oh, wait, we're not talking tuna tartar and salmon sashimi? Fish pose, you say? Ah, yes, I'm like that one too.

Matsyasana is a wonderful pose during any time of year; however, I recommend it right now for several reasons.

-First, for many people suffering from lingering colds of this past winter, the openness in the chest and throat that this movement creates will help soothe constricted muscles and ease tension in overworked areas of the body.

-Second, new seasons are opportune times to integrate positive changes into your life. Often, these changes are set in motion verbally. We make a commitment to others that we want to change; we ask for guidance from someone we trust; we make the phone call we've put off for too long out of fear or laziness or both. The throat is the seat of your expression. Fish pose helps free this area of your body from restriction and stress. When you are in fish pose, imagine letting your throat soften, dissolving any words, spoken or unspoken, that are trapped there, and healing any hurts that remain. Consider that when you feel emotional or sad, a "lump rises in your throat." Fish pose is the counter-movement to those tense moments. Heal your throat in order to speak your truth, clearly and unrestricted.

-Third, we recently exited the Pisces sign within the zodiac calendar, so it seemed fitting to pay homage to the water sign. For your own horoscope this month, check out my favorite astrology site. Be forewarned, however, this site is eerily accurate.

- Finally, fish is a heart-opening posture. It expands your chest and melts any chilliness that might be residing there. Some people feel strong waves of emotion while in fish. If you've been clinging to or suffering from heartache, now is your chance to let it go.

This is your antidote in the form of an asana.

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