Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tweaked Out By Tax Time?

Unless Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and abundance, is your accountant, there's a chance that tax time (and the slowing of the economy to boot) makes you feel a little anxious. In fact, for many of us, anxiety surrounding money isn't relegated to tax time only. Ideally, yogis should rise above such earthly travails, right? Notice I said ideally.

In the meantime- as in, while you cultivate said ability to rise above material limitations- here are a few everyday indulgences that won't break the bank, and in the event that April 15 results in a refund (or you feel obliged to stimulate the economy on your own), some fabulous ways to splurge. Remember, the Buddha (a former prince) espoused the concept of the Middle Way, neither luxuriating in abundance nor bearing the burden of poverty. All of us need to make peace with our perceptions of wealth in a way that suits us best. I'm not suggesting that the products below will bring you happiness, but they just might take some of the sting out of tax time, shake off a financial funk, or celebrate forthcoming "quan."

Chocolate treat: SPLURGE- Sonsie’s chocolate bread pudding. SAVE- Ritter chocolate.

Red wine: SPLURGE- Caymus. SAVE- Even the cheapest bottles at Best Cellars have never disappointed.

Fragrance: SPLURGE- Dolce & Gabbana The One. SAVE- Pacifica Tahitian Garden (available at Whole Foods).

Dinner Out: SPLURGE- Om restaurant (I know, shocker). SAVE- Meyers + Chang or Duc Boa.

Hot jeans: SPLURGE- Gretta Luxe. SAVE- TJ Max (I recently lucked out by finding a great pair of Hudsons there).

Boho chic apparel: SPLURGE- Envi (a new eco-chic boutique on Newbury Street). SAVE- Urban Outfitters (The sale racks can be a gold mine).

Tea: SPLURGE- Yogi tea (Insightful fortunes on labels but puts you back $5 bucks a pop). SAVE- Tetley (My fav British- inspired, morning cup).

Skincare: SPLURGE- Kiehl’s Lypocene Facial Mosturizing Cream ($60 for 1.4 oz.). SAVE- Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer*

*Makeup artists who have worked on me (including the one on the shoot for the adjacent Reebok ad) tend to be a fans of this product too, and I trust the experts. Also, I share the attached photo with you along with today's post because the caption reads: I am the girl who cannot balance her checkbook, which I find very fitting and funny.

Music: SPLURGE- iTunes (How did we live without it?). SAVE- 88.9 WERS Radio: Music for the Independent Mind. It's one of the best college radio stations in the country, and you'll wonder why you didn't tune in sooner.

Yoga gear: SPLURGE- Lululemon. SAVE- The sales rack at City Sports.

Books: SPLURGE- Borders. SAVE- Brookline Booksmith’s sale tables, filled with astute staff recommendations and usually under $10.

Magazines: SPLURGE- Magazines off the newsstand. SAVE- Magazine subscriptions.

Mood stabilizer: SPLURGE- A therapy session. SAVE- A walk in nature with a dog (Cell phone prohibited!).

Mood lifter: SPLURGE- A massage. SAVE- A yoga class.

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