Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Weekend: Yoga For Runners

A student of mine who competes in marathons at a very high level once said the following, "I find that my yoga helps my running but not the other way around!" And, in many ways this is an accurate statement. Of course, running is a healthful, invigorating activity, but it does tend to counteract things like flexibility and suppleness in muscles, which yoga provides in spades.

This weekend, local runners have a chance to top off their Saturday afternoon training sessions with a yoga workshop with Karen Fabian, a talented, former colleague of mine at the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, who now teaches at Charlestown Yoga, among other locales. The heart-happy event begins at 1 p.m.; participants meet at the yoga studio and depart on a group run (pace and distance are self-determined) and convene back at the same location 1 hour later for a practice led by Fabian, which will aim to unwind tight hamstrings and hips. Pre-race warm up and mental focus (meditation) will also be addressed at the workshop. Runners and yogis of all levels are welcome. Registration is $40.

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deep roots said...

I did this workshop in January and am coming back for a second round - and bringing a friend. Karen does a great job of integrating these two disparate disciplines. Runner's high may not quite be Samādhi but the blending of these pastimes certainly leaves you with a nice body glow.