Thursday, October 14, 2010

Om Gal Gear: My Multi-Tasking Skirt-Scarf Thingy

Multi-tasking can be good, like meditating while the water boils for a pot of tea, reading on the elliptical machine at the gym, or emptying the dishwasher during a commercial break.  However, it can also be a terrible idea.  Texting while driving, answering your cell phone during yoga, or using your yoga class as a bendier, sweatier version of

When it comes to clothing, I'm a believer that multi-tasking is great.  For instance, while studying abroad in college, I bought a piece of fabric in Kenya.  First, I hung it on the wall in my dorm room, then I wore it as a sarong.  Next, it became a tablecloth, and, finally, a scarf.  Snicker all you like about a gal who wants to wear a tablecloth around town, but I call it being "resourceful."  (Shhhh, if you're quiet you can almost hear the exasperated sigh of Om Mama).  

Fast forward a couple, a few, 10 years, and I am still pulling off (and putting on) the same creative dressing antics.  My latest inspiration is a skirt-scarf-thingy that I bought at lululemon a couple weeks ago.  Ever since, I've been incorporating it into my wardrobe on and off the mat.

It was an added layer of warmth, as a skirt, while climbing Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire.

Then, it came in handy as a disguise when I had to run from authorities.  Kidding . . . It was a useful hood to block the wind at the top of the mountain.

Naturally, it makes a nice scarf.

It also works as a vest, which Om Gal intern Megan thought was pretty nifty.  (She took this photo). 

For those who get chilly in sivasana (body temperature tends to drop during meditation), it's a cozy, light blanket.  

Or a meditation shawl.  

What do you think, OGs [om guys and gals]?  Which function is your favorite?  When is multi-tasking good?  When is bad, very bad?  


lululemon athletica said...

I love this scarf on you. Thanks for posting such great pictures of all the uses of our Vinyasa Scarf. I'm glad you're loving it!

GEC Online Community

Alexis said...
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Anonymous said...

Your scarf/pashmina is great and laughed at your modeling uses and how fun they are.

Yoga mat.
Back seat for pet rugs
Cut up for place mats
bird cage and kitty litter liners
Window shade
rolled up neck support
hallway carpet
Seat cushion
mattress topper
and of course FOR DOING YOGA
These are Just some of my uses for my mat. Let alone my blocks, cushions and straps are all around as yoga furniture and accessories in the apt.

As long as I am not boxed into a use only for mind, things become more flexible.

I just have put the breaks on multitasking while driving these days. Used to be a Mr.Magoo Add disaster.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to cut down on multitasking these days because I find myself not even remembering what I've done (or where I put things - misplacing my keys and wallet have really been an issue).

This post reminded me of a quote from such a funny chick-lit book, Girls' Poker Night by Jill Davis:
"'My vagina can't talk right now, because it's still trying to figure out what to wear,' I say. 'If only I had a multitasking vagina.'"

Om Gal said...

Thank you, Laura! Glad you enjoyed the post--and thank you for the proper product name. It's getting chilly in Boston, so I'll be wearing it even more. Creative commenting from Anons.: Much appreciated! Peace, R

Dianabol said...

Multipurpose, beautiful.

Tia said...


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