Wednesday, May 12, 2010

O.G. Readers Rock the Vote!

Perhaps you've heard the word on the street that is up for Best Yoga & Fitness Blog in this year's Intent Web Awards. A few ways you may have heard this news:

1.) You're a fan of Om Gal on Facebook via
2.) You follow me on Twitter at
3.) My Mom called you.

It's possible you voted, too. Maybe more than once. Maybe even once a day (per the poll's rules). If so, we can probably attribute this to one of the following:

1.) provides you with high-quality, yoga and fitness content that inspires you (or, at least, provides a fun online diversion at the office).
2.) My brother, Reece, the yoga bully strong-armed you into voting for me. (If so, I apologize on his behalf).

The more exciting news is that I'm in the lead! However, I need your help to stay there. If you've ever connected with a piece of my writing, chuckled at my antics (like the time I got naked on Comm. Ave.), enjoyed a favorite quote, picked up a new asana here or a wellness tip there, submitted and received a response to a reader query, appreciated my neurotic attention to grammar, or just plain pitied my pitiful cry for help at mile 22 of last year's Boston Marathon, please take a moment and send a click my way.

In gratitude,
Om Gal

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