Thursday, August 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Lululemon Photo Shoot

Readers of always get the inside scoop on what I'm creating, when I'm teaching, and what's on my radar in the yoga and wellness world. Here's the first peek at behind the scenes shots of a photo shoot I did for lululemon on Monday. My friend Jonathan Pozniak, a New York-based photographer and fellow yogi, is behind the lens.

Our first location was on Commonwealth Avenue. We chose these statues, representing Bostonian women who made meaningful impacts on history (particularly women's suffrage), as the initial backdrop for the shoot. I'm doing a pseudo variation of vasisthasana here, by literally leaning on a strong woman of the past (Thanks, sister!). A strong woman of the present is also pictured, Kate Carson, a former professional soccer player, now the community leader for lululemon in Boston.

While I warm up, Vinitha Goswami, manager of the lululemon store in Boston (Prudential Center), tucks in the tag on the Hot Set Bra I'm wearing. What a gal!

Photo shoots often require quick changes in unconventional places, like, say, the middle of Comm. Ave. in broad daylight. No further explanation needed.

Triangle pose by the Hatch Shell in Boston while Vinitha smoothes out some wrinkles in the Sequence Tank I'm sporting.

Me and my mustache.

Who knows what I'm doing here. It's possible I've gone daft after shooting outside in an outfit for fall when the temperature hovered near 100 degrees.

Clearly I wasn't the only one with a case of the sillies. Here, Vinitha is laughing at me, looking like a dork as I attempted to mock power-walk for a shot along the Charles River. Great pic, V, and the Ray Bans are killer!

One of the last shots, in front of the Boston Public Library, pretty fitting for an English major Om Gal, eh?

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Eco Yogini said...

Very Cool!! minus the photographer and this would have been a guerrila yoga session! :) looks like you had a ton of fun!