Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kale Chip = Fail; Salad Success!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, in yoga and life. I openly admit to being a crap pool player (perhaps the crappiest to ever live), but I'm pretty good at arm balances.

Regarding kale chips, I am very good at eating them. LOTS of them. By the handful. Crunching and munching them into oblivion. Making them? By dehydrating pieces of kale in the oven, set at a low temperature? Not so much.

The first attempt was an abject failure. A sloppy, slippery, goopy green mess. Still, I didn't lose hope. I persisted. The second attempt was better but overly salty. All I could envision was Padma Lakshmi delivering some scathing feedback at my own imaginary Top [Yogi] Chef Judges Table. "Did you actually taste these before you served them?" she would ask.

I redeemed myself on the third try. They were edible; I'd even say good. But not good enough for my readers. Instead, I leave all recipes and guidance regarding kale chips to the Canadian queen of holistic nutrition and fellow blogger Meghan Telpner. Her site Making Love in the Kitchen has 372 recipes for kale chips. OK, slight exaggeration. There are at least three, and they all look scrumptious.

Fortunately for all, I can hold my own with kale outside the chip category. Sunday night, I made an uber simple salad (per a suggestion from actual chef Dad) that was a big hit for dinner among friends and even bigger hit for leftover lunch for me on Monday.

Packed with vitamins K, A, C, and many more nutrients, yet slim on calories (a fringe benefit for swimsuit season?), this recipe is insanely simple to make.

1.) Wash, dry, and de-stem one bunch of kale.
2.) Roll leaves tightly and slice as thin as possible (4-6 leaves at a time).
3.) Massage with extra virgin olive oil (1 TBS) and fresh lime juice.
4.) Season with sea salt.
5.) Chill


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