Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stylish & Soulful Events In Boston This Week

Despite my best efforts at inserting these images chronologically (i.e. the lululemon event occurs BEFORE La Primavera), they prefer to arrange themselves like so. Shame on them for not obeying my super savvy techie expertise, characterized by snarling at the computer screen and exclaiming "WTF!" Less effective than, say, the Genius Bar at Apple, I admit. Nevertheless, I'm venturing off my yoga mat, blowing out the aromatherapy candles, shelving the herbal tea, possibly rocking some heels, and joining the merrymaking this week. Both parties are for wonderful causes, and in a time of- how do I put this lightly- recessionary freak-outs of global proportions, you might as well stretch your entertainment dollar by passing the benefit along to others in need- and enjoy a healthy dose of karma to boot.

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FionaFit said...

If you are looking for another Stylish & Soulful Event in Boston, come celebrate the longest day of the year with Healthworks at the Summer Solstice Party on Monday, June 22. There will be a 6:00am Sunrise and 8:30pm Sunset yoga classes at all Healthworks locations. All attendees will receive a Healthworks tank and water bottle and light refreshments will be served! Due to the anticipated popularity of the event, all Healthworks members/guests who plan to attend the Summer Solstice Party must register by calling the location they are interested in.

For additional info, visit http://www.healthworksfitness.com/extras/parties.php