Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Using My Brother, A Shameless Bid For Increased Traffic

Admittedly, I'm not super tech-savvy. I like technology. I blog. I tweet. I joined Facebook (after much kicking and screaming). I do LOVE texting; it's my preferred form of communication. Nevertheless, I always find myself playing catch up with various advances in technology. For example, I just bought an iPod shuffle, only to discover two weeks later that Apple released a brand new version that talks to you. I'm now rocking a vintage shuffle. In Apple years, two weeks might as well be the 80s. It's the equivalent of me running around Newton with a Walkman. (Kids, ask your parents about "Walkmans" some day).

Among my latest techie tasks is the ability to track analytics for this site, so I know when certain posts attract more traffic, which sites refer the most visitors, and how many minutes you all spend browsing through my thoughts on yoga and Pinkberry yogurt and such.

And, do you want to know which post generated the single most traffic last month? Aren't you just a little bit curious? It was the one about my baby brother. (Thank you so much for perpetuating the sibling rivalry, people). Now, I don't have any analytics relating to WHY this might be the case, but I suspect it's a result of our om gal readers, who might be a tad smitten with Reece. I just don't have the technology to back up that claim . . . yet. Instead, I have a video of us being dorks in New York City last weekend. Scratch that. I'm being a dork. The gals will likely find Reece as, uh, interesting as they did last month.


Jenn said...

omgal, i might be proving myself even LESS tech savvy than you, but if i'm not mistaken, your post about ombro's birthday has 0 comments. on the other hand, your post responding to my inquiry about true love in 2009, has a whopping 6 comments. (nevermind that two are from me, one from you and one from ombro!) he might have it for traffic, but i think "So You Wanna Fall in Love" has it for thought provoking...ness. one final note - my friend and i read your blog every day. i opened my email this morning to find an 8am msg from her, "you gotta admit, her bro is pretty damn hot. check out newest omgal video."

Om Gal said...

LOL! You have a point. While Om Bro might attract more site traffic(no pun intended), you, my thoughtful O.G. reader, clearly do more to prompt reader "engagement." People respond to you. You should tell me what to write about more often! Let it be known, heretofore, that "Jenn" is an MVP Commentor. I'm not sure what's involved with this honor, but I'll think of something. Thank you (and your gal pal!) for reading every day. I am absurdly grateful.

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

So... Um.... When was that trip that where I was going to meet you (and your brother) in New York for a weekend?


Anonymous said...

Why is it so many like reading about other people? I think a good story makes us smile, and that is always good to do.

vtyogi said...

hmmmm this made me "check out" the clip and he is quit old and is he taken?:)