Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quote: Fear

Do not allow fear to settle into place in any part of your life. It is a defeating attitude and a negative emotion. Recognize and zap it immediately. Replace it with a problem-solving attitude, faith in yourself, and hard work. Put that formula into working order for yourself and you'll be dealing from a position of power, not fear. That's winning.

-You'll never guess who said it on today. I'll give you a hint . . . "You're fired!"


Anonymous said...

When you have a moment can you recommend a good running shoe? I'm running about 6 miles 4 times a week on pavement for the most part. Many thanks (and I'm loving the blog)!

Om Gal said...

Get thee to Marathon Sports in Boston! Or, seek out a similar, local running store in your town where the staff knows how to properly "fit" you for the perfect shoe. Also, Runner's World has a "shoe finder" on its website, where you enter certain info. about yourself and how you run, and it makes a recommendation based on that. I rock New Balance but it's more of an emotional decision than a strategic one (I just can't part with them!). I'm told my shoes are too heavy for a marathon, but it was too late to change them by the time I realized it. Many runners love Asics and Saucony. Have fun exploring your options! Let us know how you do. New shoes are a great inspiration to get moving- and run like the wind!