Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Marathon Moments*

Picking up my number at the Boston Marathon Runners Expo.  I felt very elated and excited to be in the company of so many dedicated athletes.

Marathon Eve, I snapped a photo at the finish with my running pals Jack and Cara (of lululemon).  Official photo finish to follow (but, be forewarned, the chances of me looking unlike death-warmed-over in that one are slim). 

(Above).  The scene upon our arrival in Hopkinton.  Runners waiting in line for the portable bathrooms.

A little pre-race yoga in the Athletes Village.  I prepare my hips for the 26.2 mile trek with double pigeon pose. 

My running partner, the Canadian "Queen of the Newton Hills," Cara, and me, after relinquishing our creature comforts (e.g. warm clothes, Blackberries, and cameras) to the super well organized B.A.A. volunteers who would bus our things back to the finish line. 

Arriving home with my family after a brief trip to the medical tent.  Pictured here with Mom and Reece (who jumped in and ran the last 4 miles with me.)

*As for the really interesting, grisly race photos, you'll have to wait as they file in from friends and family along the course.  


sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the pictures and the recap...looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

congratulations rebecca!! What an accomplishment! You are inspiring! I am finishing a marathon of my own- graduating nursing school after 12 months of blood, sweat and tears :)I would love to see you when I get back to Boston mid May! Very proud of you! xoxox Dalia

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
You don't know me but I read your blog and you were my first yoga teacher at Baptiste.
I gave you a big shout out at the Newton Fire Station Corner. I was watching for my nephew but couldn't miss you in those screaming pink tights! You had a big smile on your face as you started up the hills was it still there at the top? Great Job, even though you beat my nephew, that's okay he's a Big Time Republican.

Om Gal said...

There is a top of Heartbreak Hill? I thought that thing just went on for eternity;-) Thank you SO much for the shout-out. I'm glad you spotted the lululemon pink tights (hard to miss, I know). I have to say, I struggled A LOT yesterday- more than anticipated from my training- so the fact that someone witnessed me digging deep and smiling through it is astounding and, in truth, made my day, today, as I recover from those brutal hills. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. "Namaste."

And, the fact that I beat a "Big Time Republican?" Just icing on the cake.

Martini said...

Wow, I'm so proud! Congrats. I'm in such awe.

Anonymous said...

Great job Rae.

chanel said...

A Moving Meditation on Whirling Pink.

om gal. as one of my besties, i swore there was no way i could miss you along the race line. Or did you, in true OmGal style, get to our designated spot before I? You were on foot, I was in car. Hmmm. I've never gazed so hard at whirling pink shirts, shorts, leggings and hats before. Well, I was there. Danae and I - egging on anyone who happened to be lucky enough to wear your color, but I'm sure not as well. So you DID IT! AMAZING!

Congratulations!!! Maybe next year I'll be a trail or eight behind....

if not, I'll be sure to have flashing ballons, or something...

A Huge Bravo to you of Dedication and Perseverance.


Om Gal said...

Aw, man! I missed Cyn too! Two of my FAVORITE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. I was near delirious by that point. Still, I am surprised you missed the bright pink tights and Reece running the last 4 miles alongside me, rousing the crowds as I plodded along. Thank you for being there. I swear, I felt your presence, even if I missed see you;-)

Much love!