Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Zen Master Tim Gunn: Make it Work!

Ideally, your yoga practice and, by extension, your life is a means of discovering, revealing, and honoring your truth, known in sanskrit as "satya." So, the truth is, I am watching Project Runway right now; yet, I think there's plenty of yogic insight available for the fashionista set to consider. OK, maybe not "plenty," but there's some insight.

Tim Gunn, the show's gracious, sophisticated, and oft-aped host, lives by the mantra, "Make it work!" It's not an original statement or a profound one, per se; however, it does represent the essence of yoga. It's about action- making something work as opposed to "thinking" it into working. I'll make my point quickly (or else I'll miss the rest of the show) . . . Stop thinking about your yoga poses while you're in them. Actively disengage from thinking about the yoga poses of the people around you in a class. Get acquainted with the action of your practice, right down to your toes. Make your toes an awakened part of your practice. Make the pose an active part of your day. Make it work. Make it come alive. Make it fun!

Having trouble quieting the constant internal analysis of your practice . . . and your life . . . and your to-do list? Focus your awareness solely on your breath and the physicality of what you feel. Create a connection with your feet on the floor or your palms against your mat. Spending time in meditation (yoga is classified as meditation in motion) will make you more inspired to create masterpieces and strut confidently down the runway of your life when you're not on your mat. Need the non-yogic application of this idea? Consider where in your life you might be better served to stop analyzing and start taking action?

"Auf wiedersehen!"

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