Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Fashion Takes a Cue from Yoga

As stated in my previous post, yoga and fashion have forged a relatively new relationship. In recent years, it's become evident that yogis want to upgrade their style quotient. This spring, however, a few trends made me wonder if, perhaps, fashion is taking a cue from yogis. The following spring trends are no doubt stylish and hip, but they're also comfortable, low-maintenance, and sure to be popular with (if not partially inspired by) the yoga crowd.

Gladiator Sandals: Given that yogis spend a lot of time barefoot, they tend to gravitate toward shoes that mimic this feeling. Plenty of designers will show flat yet sassy sandals this spring. Earth Footwear, an environmentally and socially responsible company that boasts technology to help burn added calories while walking (although I wouldn't excessively hit the Haagen Dazs just yet), seems to have struck gold with their "Sizzle" sandal. The strappy flat is available in metallic colors, making it a double-whammy in terms of trend-relevance, gladiator sandal and metallic at once!

Global Inspired: Yogis have always been ahead of the curve on this trend. India, being the motherland of yoga, has always heavily influenced the yoga aesthetic. This season, global inspired prints are going to be everywhere. Use them sparingly though; too many countries reflected in one outfit could result in looking like the product of a United Nations yard sale.

Bold Colors: Again, yogis have consistently embraced bold hues. This spring, try incorporating some of the same vibrant colors found in your Lululemon tops into your wardrobe. Neon green is the one to watch.

Florals: The most yogic expression of this trend? Skip the duds. Buy a fresh and fragrant bouquet.

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