Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 Ways for Jet-Setters To Become Zen-Getters

Perhaps you're fixing to skip town for the long weekend. If so, here are some travel tips to ensure that you touch down at your chosen destination feeling ready for vacation rather than in need of recuperation.

1. Fuel up before take off. Get your liquids on the plane, but be certain that you pack a few healthy snacks to keep your energy up and your mood steady. Nuts, pieces of fruit, such as bananas and apples, and protein bars pack well and won't trip you up going through security, provided you don't need to go through customs. If you do, skip the produce.

2. Bring a project. Chances are you've been hoping to pen some thank you notes for a while, finish a certain book, or brainstorm an idea in peace and quiet. Here's your chance. Even better, you'll arrive at your destination feeling all the more satisfied that you conquered a lingering little item on your agenda.

3. The eyes have it. Invest in an eye mask to block out unwanted light so that you can sleep. Don't want to look like a diva? A scarf or fleece headband that you might wear around your ears while running outdoors work just as well.

4. Make it a longer trip . . . by stretching out often. Stretch your upper body while seated, and periodically get up to take care of your gams.

5. Meditate. Sit up straight. Close your eyes. Touch all ten fingertips together (your hands will form a tent-like shape). Breath deeply. Try counting 10 slow breaths to start. Maintain constant connection of all fingertips. Mentally scan your body for tension, and release it with every exhale. A blissful meditation is the easiest way to kick off a vacation early.

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