Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Running" Footage of Om Gal's Superbowl Celebration

Most of us in New England could care less about the Superbowl today, and Lord knows we'd prefer not to recall one iota of last year's debacle. We're a sturdy breed; yet, last year's loss makes us want to find a quiet corner and collectively rock ourselves in the fetal position.

Given that I couldn't find a local event where people engage in that kind of self-soothing en masse, I settled for the next best thing: a 10K road race. The endorphins that runners experience certainly do ease one's sorrows, and that pleasure-inducing principle is compounded when you're running with a pack of other like-minded people, like say, 1,500 of them, as was the case this morning at the Super Sunday 10K to benefit the Livestrong Foundation. (Sorry, gals, no Lance in sight).

The whole experience, despite being somewhat chilly, was so much fun that I couldn't help spontaneously capturing the above "running footage" as I crossed the finish line. You should be forewarned that this clip isn't making it to Cannes anytime soon. In other words, the cinematography leaves something to be desired. Unless the cross between a wobbly, low-budget Blair Witch Project and the epic running flick Prefontaine is your thing (but, I'm guessing probably not).

A congratulatory Gatorade, sideline shower (you know the type bestowed upon the winning coach in the final moments of the game) goes out to my pals Robin, who ran her first road race today; Alain, the race director; and a special new mom, her Patriots player hubby, and the new baby girl they welcomed into the world yesterday.

Happy Superbowl Sunday, everyone.


Robin said...

I'm a runner. I run now. It's not even that hard. I just let my legs do all the work.

alain - boston, ma said...

wow, i really got a plug in an omgal video?

glad you had fun... and way to go rockin' the extra 7 miles afterwards!

alain - boston, ma said...

PS - that was a great idea!