Monday, November 10, 2008

This Weekend: Bostonians Saluting The Spirit

Moments like this rarely happen in traditional yoga classes . . . Taken at the Global Mala event in Boston in September, the candid shot above shows me (foreground) and two of my favorite gal pals, Chanel Luck of YogaThree and Bonnie Argo, Boston's resident acro-yoga expert, getting a bit silly on our mats. While one could argue that I'm not quite doing yoga, it's evident that I'm still having a ball. Chanel and Bonnie, to their credit, are at least doing or assisting the poses being taught.

When I opened this photo for the first time, yesterday, it immediately made me smile and recall the special day that gathered yogis together around the globe for the benefit of a cause greater than ourselves. Boston's event supported Trees for the Future and the Food Project, and as you can see, the poses we practiced were quite secondary to the fun we had, blessings we shared, and positive energy and intentions we sent toward our brothers and sisters in need.

This weekend, in Boston, another opportunity arises to practice yoga for the benefit of two other, hugely worthwhile causes, YogaHope and Pathways to Wellness. Held at the swanky Sports Club/LA, the sixth annual Saluting the Spirit event, joins together some of the best yoga teachers in the city, for the purpose of creating a memorable practice that raises funds to support wellness, yoga, and holistic health programs for those in need. I'm teaching alongside many friends and countless respected colleagues, including but not limited to Chanel, Coeli Marsh, Roman Szpond, Jane Cargill, Taylor Wells, and Sue Jones.

This class will lead students through the symbolic and challenging practice of 108 Sun Salutations [No, I didn't stutter. Yes, you CAN do it], and I can guarantee moments like the one caught above- where the poses are secondary, if not almost irrelevant- will abound. I hope you'll join us for the fun, fundraising, and collective saluting of all our spirits.

[Photo taken by Deborah Perkins.]


chanel said...


well written.

we were HAVING A BALL!

can't wait for this weekend and global mala boston 2009!!


Deborah Perkins said...
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