Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Even Om Gals Get the Blues

Even om gals get the blues on occasion, which is why sometimes we turn to others for a little pick me up. This one came from my brother, channeling one of his former lacrosse coaches. Given the current climate (economic/bleak, weather/dreary), I thought some of you, out there, might appreciate it. Enjoy!

As the great Coach J. once said, "Hey ya know what? Hey ya know what? Don't let those clouds bother you. The clouds are OK. The rain is OK. Know why? Because beyond those clouds . . . The sun's still shining. Oh baby! The sun's still shinin'! You got that Ross?"

"It's Reece."

"Okay Ross, oh baby!"

-Om Bro, Reece Pacheco


Anonymous said...

Not the best time of year for the sunshiny happies. This may be the ultimate in cheesiness but lately I've been back into my routine with my morning walks (even though it is still dark out) and as I get dressed for them in far too many layers I listen to the song Brand New Day by Joshua Radin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97df0Q5qxa8&feature=related Loving it! Smiles to you.

Anonymous said...

just remember -

"nobody puts Baby in the corner"