Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Is Not A Video

You're smart people. It would be tough for me to dupe you. If I didn't know you so well, I might attempt to coax you into believing that the new video camera that I bought last week has already enhanced all our lives by giving me the ability to post insightful, instructional, and entertaining videos, here, on I might even ask if you enjoyed Sunday's post, which I spent three hours filming, featuring an effective ab-blasting, yoga-inspired exercise in time for Turkey Day. Or, perhaps you got a chuckle out of my brother, Reece (Om Bro, as he aptly named himself), using our parents' kitchen as a make shift gym on Thanksgiving morning. From your prolific comments (you remember writing those, right?), I gathered that some of you found tricep dips using the kitchen counters quite innovative; others thought we were a bit daft (and you are entitled to think so). I bet you loved today's clip, especially the crafty, DIY types, looking for cheap, eco-chic ideas for holiday gifts or projects for the kids, using mostly recyclable ingredients.

Alas, we are all resigned to a different fate today. Despite three separate, investigative visits to Best Buy, hours of Internet research; incessant polling of people who knew a lot (my pal who heads up the video component on Madonna's tour right now) or next to nothing (the "Geniuses" at Apple- lovely young folks, all, but no help regarding the compatibility of their computers with camcorders); and endless internal debates in my own, limited brain; I clearly landed myself in exactly the predicament I sought to avoid . . . I have a new high-tech toy but can't play with it.

Or, rather, I can play with it; I can take video clips, but then, I'm limited to watching them on the gadget's four-inch screen. Um, sweet.

I'm not sure what the zen lesson is in all this. Perhaps it's don't throw a nutter on the phone with the nice customer service representative (I didn't). Or, life is a journey not a destination, which is fine by me since the files never made it to their final destination- my computer- anyway. Be in the present moment, rather than trying to capture it for eternity on film? I'm still unsure which revelation might deliver me to a state of enlightenment and understanding, so for now, I'm headed back to Best Buy. Wish me luck.


juan antonio fernandez said...

too funny... my gut hurts!!!

Mary said...

Rebecca, so funny. And can I ever relate. I have the same expensive toy, the same mac computers and the same story. Maybe if we could find an entire day to try editing we may make it there. I now have it set up permanently on a tripod, and its starting to look like a sculpture.
Let me know how it goes!