Monday, September 1, 2008

Moving Day

September 1 is a great time to move. In Boston, half the city's population, also known as its college students, do this with aplomb each year. Moving vans line the streets. Couches adorn sidewalks. Mattresses hug tight to the roofs of cars and around the corners of slender stairwells. The sheer number of people schlepping to and fro makes for a frenzied and, even, festive atmosphere.


Of course not . . . It's a damn nightmare, which is why we're all glad it's almost over. A few inconveniences often remain, like a massive influx of trash on your curb (short term) and roommates (long term), for example. While I can't do much to alleviate trash piles or roomies who may or may not vacuum in their skivvies, I can share a few different kinds of "moves" to help ease the rest of the transition for you.

Pain in the neck? This time I'm not talking about your roommate but, instead, your actual neck, which might be tweaked as a result of craning it to see up the endless flights of stairs you climbed all day long, touting boxes, bags, a mini fridge, and your pet fish, Ralph. Two asanas that I recommend to relax your tense neck:

1.) Lie on your back and hug your knees up to your chest. Roll all the way over onto your right side. Once you've landed on your side, continue the motion of your head so that your LEFT cheek rests on the floor. Roll in the opposite direction and repeat. In effect, your head continues to roll as your body rests in the fetal position.
2.) Sit up straight and gently drop your head to the right. Place the length of your forearm on the upper (left) side of your face. The weight of your forearm will enhance the stretch. Switch sides.

Ouch, my back! Lugging furniture around takes a toll. To avoid the greatest damage, be sure to bend your knees (think: utkatasana!) when lifting heavy items. However, if you're past that point, you need restorative poses to stretch and soothe your back body:

Rag doll or uttanasana.

Happy baby pose.

Supine twist.

Tired muscles? Try arnica.

Can't sleep in your new digs? A new home can be eery at first, making us miss the noises and nuances of a our old place. Here are a couple of my favorite ways to unwind, drift off, and catch some Zzzs, in any zip code . . .

Good Earth Organic Cool Mint Herbal Tea is my go-to evening beverage. It's delicious, soothing, and the price tag isn't as "steep" (ha-get it? A little tea humor!) as many of its pricey organic counterparts. A combination of peppermint, spearmint, chicory, rooibos, nutmeg, and other natural flavors make this steamy brew perfect for settling your stomach after dinner or your mind after a long day.

De-clutter your boudoir. Feng shui experts like to say that bedrooms are for sleeping and sex only, and I tend to agree. For me, this means that the TV stays in the TV room, blogging doesn't happen in bed (a la Carrie Bradshaw), and clutter is relegated elsewhere. Create a peaceful environment for sleep, and your chances of sleeping peacefully are greatly increased.

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