Monday, September 15, 2008

Enlighten Up!

Watch what happens when Boston filmmaker (and former yoga teacher at the same studio as yours truly) Kate Churchill chooses a subject, introduces him to yoga, and follows him around, recording his inevitable transformation. The result is funny, informative, thought-provoking, and insightful. Most of all, it's honest. You will love it.

Opening at the Kendall Square Cinema this Friday, Enlighten Up! is the perfect pre or post-yoga activity this weekend. Please report back with your thoughts. I saw it last night and left feeling thrilled that the themes and discussions that I'm compelled to address, here, on the blog had come to life on camera with so much candor and compassion. Bravo! Namaste! Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Wow, ask and it is given! Wanted to see Enlightenup, last week, but was busy helping w/ yogahope fashion show. Also wanted to checkin to see how OmGal, herself was doing, and I finally have a free Saturday afternoon for myself! So I will see You and The Movie this afternoon :) Pilar

Om Gal said...

See you there, Pilar! Much love.