Friday, September 26, 2008

Au Revoir, Om Gal!

Dear Om Pals:

I'm venturing to the South of France to teach yoga on a biking trip through Provence for one week led by DuVine Adventures. I'll be sure to share the scoop on the experience upon my return (particularly the part about me getting on a bike- that moves- for the first time in nearly a decade).

Your "hOMework" while I'm gone? Be sure to register for my yoga workshop on October 25. It benefits Roxbury Preparatory Charter School, making your yoga practice an act of "spiritual activism," a term coined by author and Buddhist meditation teacher Lama Surya Das. Plus, it will be a blast! Just click the Pay Pal button to the left.

Be sure to bring your own mat, towel, water, block and strap (if you use them). The class is heated. Directions are uber easy and available on the school's website.

Your other assignment? Root for those Red Sox!

Merci et Au revoir!
Om Gal

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dfg said...

Godspeed Om Gal,

Sometimes the journey may lead you in unexpected directions. The secret though, is to accept every lesson the universe offers up as an opportunity to grow. Of course, you know this. Thank you for sharing the past year.

Om Shanti,