Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time Saving Tip For Your A.M. Exercise Routine

I'm just returning from a morning workout and wanted to share the following time saving tip with a few of my fellow groggy gym and yoga studio goers . . . Sleep in your clothes!

Obviously, this tip presupposes that you exercise in relaxed, loosely fitting duds. (I wouldn't recommend sleeping in your leotard). This simple trick will shave valuable minutes off your morning routine, getting you out the door with less hassle.

Further preparation the night before is also key. Fill and place your water bottle in the fridge. Pick out your attire for the day, therefore streamlining the process of getting ready after hitting the showers. If you're running, walking, biking, or participating in any other outdoor activity, check the weather before bed, and plan accordingly.

Finally, infuse your early bird regimen with a dose of added fun so that the premature alarm isn't so daunting. Set your clock radio to wake you up with instantly entertaining music. Save a stellar magazine, like Outside, for the elliptical machine, or treat yourself to a new, special bath and beauty product, like a facial mask or body scrub, in the locker-room.

Have a tip that maximizes your workout during a certain time of day? Maybe you've mastered the lunch hour jaunt through the Common or relish catching Grey's Anatomy from the treadmill. Tell us!


Anonymous said...

provided i can get my butt moving, my energy level throughout the day is 10 times greater than any triple starbucks latte can ever provide- trouble for me is getting up that extra ninety minutes it takes to squeeze it all in. i do notice that watching tv past 10 is pretty much a waste of my brain anyway, so getting to bed a few minutes earlier usually helps the cause - and it keeps me from cleaning out the bottom of the ben and jerry's bucket in the freezer! two birds with one stone! thanks OG. you rock.

deep roots said...

ok - here's a confession. When I was younger, and wilder, I used to get up, shotgun a couple of beers and then go for a lengthy run followed by intense calisthenics first thing in the morning.

Took care of hydration and breakfast in one fell swoop, a major time saver, and with the buzz, it didn't seem all that bad being out of bed at 5 in the morning. Not really recommending this though and fortunately I outgrew my desire for RUI.