Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter Blues in My Wardrobe

After realizing that I wore monochramatic, grey (albeit not unstylish) ensembles two days in a row this week, I had no choice but to arrive at one of the following two conclusions. 1.) My wardrobe is battling a case of the winter blues, or 2.) I've suddenly become color blind and, therefore, am attracted only to colors that I can recognize and coordinate, in this case grey with grey, grey accented by grey, and grey with a touch of more grey.

Once the color blindness theory was debunked (by a coworker who briefly tricked me into thinking my brown dress was red), I had no choice than to face the music that my wardrobe was reflecting a drab and chilly mood. Rest assured, steps are being taken to alleviate this current state of seassonal ennui (i.e. yoga, weekend plans to spend time with the family dog, sleep, a Patriots' win in the Superbowl etc.), but the week's unintentionally gloomy color palette got me thinking about how colors affect our mood. For your benefit, I've sleuthed out some interesting information regarding colors and their associations with and influences on our lives.

Red- Don't use too much red in a bedroom. It's yang energy is too active and will disturb the occupant's rest.

Pink- Do use pink in a single woman's bedroom; it represents romance, love, and marriage.

Yellow- Group and light yellow or red candles in the center of your home.

Blue- Having trouble speaking your truth? Get a blue scarf. Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra. If you need added support in order to express yourself, try wearing something blue close to your throat.

Green- Is representative of the heart chakra (along with pink). It's a soothing color within the home and even more so when experienced outdoors through natural elements- plants, trees, grass, etc.

This weekend, allow a particular color to influence your intentions and, subsequently, your mood. Wear something bright. Buy something in a hue that falls outside your normal color scheme. Peruse through a book of vibrant artwork. And, if all else fails, there's always rainbow sherbert and M & M's.

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