Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Marathoners (of Life & Running): This is Your Pose

Today marks the one-week countdown to the 2010 Boston Marathon and the one-year anniversary of the scariest week of my marathon virgin life. I managed to survive the 7 days leading up to my first marathon last year and the grueling 26.2 mile race that followed, thanks in large part to my friends and fellow runners, discovering that Klondike bars make great recovery food, and viparita karani. For runners leading up to the race and following it, this restorative yoga pose is essential.

It's also essential for anyone else who spends a lot of time on his/her feet. Whether it's a long night behind the line for a chef, a jam-packed day at the salon for a hair stylist, a lengthy surgery for a medical staff, or the adventures of chasing and looking after small children, each of us experience our own "marathons" on a day-to-day basis. We run around, without much rest. We stand for hours on end. Our backs hurt; our legs ache; our feet swell. Our minds dart. Our heart rates elevate.

One antidote for real or metaphorical marathons, busy schedules, racing minds, and even high heels is the following pose, often referenced on and demonstrated, here, in video for the first time.

Enjoy. Rest up. Keep running.

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