Friday, April 16, 2010

Ab-solutely Psyched It's Friday?

Strengthen your core with this yoga-inspired abdominal exercise. Having a strong center protects your spine and supports arm balances and other yoga poses . . . and makes a swimsuit more flattering (just saying). Be sure to pull your abdomen down toward the mat the entire time. Your head and shoulders stay grounded as well.

If you have any history of back injury or are just starting out, please be sure to modify. This is advanced abdominal work and should be done slowly at first. Start with 3-5 repetitions and work up to 10-12.


Denise Brandi said...

This is a great variation for people who have neck and shoulder limitations. This seems it will also increase the range of motion in the shoulder joint. Thanks.

Have a great Friday!
Warmly, Denise

running tights said...

As a result of wrong lifestyle wrong eating habits and high stress – and, consequently, high cortisol levels – more and more fat settles down in the abdominal area. These Yoga poses and exercises will definitely help you get rid of that intra-abdominal fat.