Thursday, February 11, 2010

Asanas That Kick A**

I know I shouldn't play favorites. As a yoga teacher, I should love and appreciate all yoga poses equally, right?

Wrong. I can't help it; some asanas get preferential treatment.

You might recall that I've disclosed the pose I loathe most in the past. However, I've never divulged the one I love best, which is probably because I can't decide on just one. With so many kicka** asanas out there, it's nearly impossible for me to narrow down the choices.

Therefore, if it's okay by you, I'd like to settle on the Favorite 5:

1). Upward Facing Dog: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

2). Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend (variation): Upavistha Konasana

3). 8-Angle Pose: Astavakrasana

4). Lotus Pose (modified): Padmasana

5). I saved the best for last: Headstand (Sirsasana), known as the king of all asanas. It's uplifting yet grounding, restorative yet energizing, fun yet introspective. Well, look at that; maybe I do have a single favorite after all . . .

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More details coming soon. The winner will be contacted by February 17.

[Photo credits: 1. & 4. by Jonathan Pozniak for lululemon, 2. Shot for Reebok 3. Shot for Ryka by Tyler Gourley].


Jeneen said...

My least favorite pose USED to be frog, but now we've become friends. Lately it's definitely been dancer's pose. I find my breathing really constricted (maybe I'm trying too hard?), my shoulder tight and my body all out of alignment. I try (usually), but mostly I prefer to take child's pose!

Betsy said...

My favorite pose depends on the day and what shows up on my mat. Some days it is triangle - with a wide open heart. Other days it's horse and frog. Time and time again though - it is warrior II that I love. There is something about balancing in the center and stretching/reaching to the edges.

AbbyThompson said...

Favorite pose would be double-pigeon, which will probably make me loose some yoga friends by admitting that. Love the deep hip opening, the forward stretch and the totally relaxation I feel after. Love love love.

(Least favorite post: utkatasana twist. HATE IT. Clearly I have some issues to work out.)

P.S. OmGal -- super psyched to meet you in person at Saluting the Spirit!

Nicole said...

Like Betsy, my favorite pose absolutely depends on the day and mood.

Lately I've been really digging fun arm balances. Sometimes triangle. Sometimes pigeon or double pigeon. Sometimes bird of paradise. I crave shoulderstand, followed by fish, nearly every time I am on my mat, so maybe that's my ultimate favorite?

As for my least faves, due to my chronic back disability that has been flaring up lately, full backbends are not really possible anymore, and even chair pose is giving me issues. I'm just not comfortable in it anymore and I know there are tweaks that can make it feel really good again. I just need to find those tweaks.

The beauty of it all is that there are SO MANY asanas out there :)

holly said...

For years and years, camel frustrated me to no end. I just couldn't drop back and open my chest. Then one day--bam--there I was and it was brilliant. Now I can't get enough of backbends. Forward bends are total comfort zone for me, but camel (and wheel) are just so liberating.

And perhaps it's the long-limbed lass in me, but few things feel more radiant than half mooon. *swooon*

Jen said...

I really like Pigeon Pose. I feel I get a lot of openness and a good amount of relaxation out of it. I also like Warrior II because it challenges me. A lot.

Jen said...

I'm a fan on Facebook...

Jen said...

...and I follow on Twitter

linabeau said...

bless all the pigeon people, but i hate pigeon. sometimes i have to breathe through the bubbling anger that it's in EVERY YOGA CLASS EVER. pigeon pigeon pigeon. *wheeeeeww*

but enough of that. i love downward dog. i love formidable. i love child's pose. and sometimes i like to stand in mountain with my eyes half open. but mostly i love triangle pose. oh, triangle. maybe he should be my valentine.

Madame M ;) said...

Faves: Wheel, Bow, Dancer.....but I haven't done any of them successfully (yet!)

If I picked one, it would be Dancer; in any variation, from the most beginner-wobbly attempt to a completely stretched "top leg", it's beautiful.

Thanks for the fantastic class!

Jen said...

I absolutely love Viparita Karani (legs up the wall), eagle pose and last but not least child's pose.
My least fave would probably be pigeon!
(I'm also a fan of yours on facebook!)

reneekatie said...

I would have to say triangle pose is my favorite . I love to do it out doors and look up at the sky for a fresh perspective on life.

Anonymous said...

Not really a pose but catching air in hang time during jump throughs...kicks my ashtanga.

Emma said...

pigeon :)

tiffany said...

My least fav. pose use to be reverse warrior,,, but now its frog..UGH!!! painful! My favorite...hmm,, its becoming headstand, now that I am getting better at it!!
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