Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quote: Generosity

"The universe is exceedingly generous. When a farmer sows one seed, a plant comes forth that produces thousands of seeds. If you desire abundance, be like the farmer and first give up something. Whatever you receive, keep a portion for yourself and share a portion with others. By establishing yourself in the flow of generosity, whatever you give will come back manyfold."

-Swami Kripalu


Anonymous said...

Wonderful.....thinking a lot about that lately especially in the yoga world. Can you give examples of yogis you see who truly spread their generosity, give back and are models for karma yoga?

Om Gal said...

Excellent query- and one that is particularly important to me. The first people who come to mind are personal friends and regular readers who have founded nonprofits wherein yoga programs either raise money for certain charities or provide support/healing for those who cannot pay for classes, among them are: Sue Jones founder of YogaHope, Chanel Luck & Roberto Lim, founders of YogaThree, which mobilized Boston's chapter of Global Mala, donating to multiple charities each year, and Bonnie Argo of the Africa Yoga Project.

Two more of my friends, (also Boston-based yogis) Karen Fabian and Coeli Marsh, have each individually created yoga programs for kids in the communities in which they live . . .

I have collaborated with many of these yogis (along with oodles of other teachers in our area) to help grow their causes and also developed my own opportunities to give back by creating yoga classes, workshops, and events where proceeds benefit others, among those are Fit Girls ( and Roxbury Prep (an inspiring charter school, where I hosted a yoga workshop called "Put Your Money Where Your Mat Is" last year). Unrelated to asana practice, I am also active in many other organizations that practice and promote the best type of yoga on the planet: helping others.

Many yogis outside of Boston flex their karmic muscles as well, including but certainly not limited to Sharon Gannon and David Life (animal rights), Twee Merrigan (YouthAids, Parkinsons, & several others), Seane Corn (YouthAids & others), and many more.

Please feel free to post any and all teachers, yogis, and causes here. Share your good deeds. Support each other. Raise awareness, and keep up the good karmic work!

Om Shanti,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Om Gal,
it is so important because karma yoga is really part of the yogic path. Yoga is big business (big buck denero $$) business in the US. In choosing with whom to practice, I bring karma yoga into the equation, yoga teachers should be able to show me concrete examples of how they give back. Some smaller studios my way do yoga warriors, free for veterans, yoga free for cancer survivors, chair yoga free for shut-ins. When I am in Boston I will look up these yogis you mentioned who specifically practice with generosity and kamra.
Thank you!