Monday, November 16, 2009

Clear Your Head

Sometimes Mondays are challenging, for a wide array of reasons. Perhaps you drank a bit too much wheat grass juice this weekend. Maybe you feel groggy for staying up late to watch a certain high-profile football game last night (with a certain heartbreaking outcome for New Englanders). Whatever the reason for your lack of vim and vigor, the remedy is simple: You need an inversion! Any type will do, though the easiest is uttanasana, also known as rag doll. (See below; arm bind optional).

Other options include: Headstand, Handstand, Shoulder Stand, Forearm Stand, Prasrita (like rag doll but with legs wide apart), my Friday fav Viparita Karani, and, even, downward dog.

The goal is to place your head [melon, dome, noggin] below your heart. This circulates precious, fresh blood to your brain, clearing out fatigue, anxiety, mild depression, and, yes, even a serious case of "the Mondays."


Rich said...


I'm not so sure that ragdoll alone can remove the lingering disappointment from last night's game. Can tequila be added? ;)


Om Gal said...

Good one. Yes, in extreme circumstances, tequila may be added-- provided that it's organic?? ;-)

Rich said...

Seek and yee shall be rewarded:
Who knew? :)

Just to be clear - I chose ragdoll and assorted other stretches instead and then promptly ran around the Charles. :)

Bethania said...

I love bridge with sacrum over a block.
Roll shoulders under to get off neck; or add blanket under shoulders. Block at any height, low, medium, or tall (low can be deceptively exquisite).