Saturday, October 18, 2008

Om Gal Inquires: What Brings You Clarity?

When seeking answers to life's big questions, we all have our preferred approaches. Some venture into the woods- others, the watering hole. Many retreat into solitude; some conduct running polls of their friends, family members, and, even, the trusted bartender at said watering hole. Different individuals and situations prompt different needs for adequate reflection and evaluation. What are yours? Where do you go for an infusion of clarity- the mountains, a beach-front sanctuary, a local park or garden, church? Whom or what do you bring along- a book, a journal, a straight-shooting pal, your loyal canine companion?

I tend to retreat inward. Usually my yoga mat comes along, and most often, I have my most profound moments of "Ah-ha" (the sound of an epiphany, not the 80s band) when I'm surrounded by nature. The fresh air makes me breathe deeper, listen more carefully, and think through the issues rattling around in my brain with fewer obstructions.

What do you do? Where do you go?


Chelsea Gwynne said...

Definitely the woods with my dogs!

alain - boston, ma said...

I ride.

Hitting the open road on le velo has always helped me tune out the fuzz for a clear picture. The wind blowing in your hair and the g-forces pushing through your body as you become one with the (winding) road... it's both exhilerating and relaxing at once.

At this time of year, riding in the mountains offers an ideal mix. Long, slow climbs bring a calmness that allows you to - literally - listen to your heart. And screaming descents are the perfect complement to the confidence that comes from reaching the mountain top and renewing focus.