Sunday, May 18, 2008

No Commercial Breaks, Here!

To those of you who tuned in to my guest appearance on the radio yesterday with Mariellen Burns on WRKO- THANK YOU! There was a last-minute shift in the timing, so I ended up on air earlier and wrapping sooner than expected. No matter, though, it was a blast, and I I felt honored to "throw out the opening pitch" for the Red Sox coverage that followed immediately after us.

Still, the 45 minutes during which I was on air went by in a flash. Here's an expanded version of what I said about getting in shape for the summer, particularly if it's an intimidating endeavor. My apologies for not being able to provide you all with samples of the No Pudge brownies and Tofu Chocolate Pie that I brought to the kind and candid, Mariellen; a sweet, culinary complement to her analysis of Sweetiegate.

Three Tips For Getting Summer Fit:

1.) Get Seasonal
Emphasize seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Embrace summer's lighter cuisine by ordering up more salads, seafood, and other water-rich dishes.

Take your yoga mat with you on weekend getaways, and practice OUTDOORS. Once you do this, you'll be convinced it's how yoga was meant to be practiced (example: photo above).

Plan fun, fitness-related events in advance. I suggest starting with a private lesson or recruiting a skilled buddy to maximize your chances of success. Kite-surfing, golf, crew, cycling- set your sights on the experience and the fitness will follow.

2.) Get Moving
There's no need to fight the elements, so it's the season to extend your time outdoors. Park far away- in the garage, if possible. Walk during your lunch break. Bypass the gym in favor of a jog. Take the T or drive to a neighborhood with which your only mildly familiar and get "lost" in its charm on a gorgeous day.

3.) Get Savvy
Sneak exercise into your day in ways that enhance rather than hinder your enjoyment of this luxurious time of year.

While killing time at the kids' soccer matches or in between Little League Games, offer to go on a coffee run for the other parents and jog there. Skip the cab; walk to the bar. Hit dance clubs more often than sports bars.

Be smart about your celebration of the season. Summer grilling is great; frozen pina coladas- not so much. Play a game of "what's better" with your indulgences. If you swoon over s'mores, then scale back on the daiquiris. If beer quenches your thirst best, decrease the number of dogs at the ball game; nix the nachos.

If you're hitting the beach, pepper in additional action by walking as far as the eye can see and then, farther. Play more Frisbee; swim to a point that ekes out a little more energy than usual; pack an amazing, alfresco, healthy lunch sans processed snacks like chips and cookies.

Meet fewer friends for happy hour, more for a round of golf, walk around Castle Island, window-shopping on Newbury, etc.

Have stealth summer workout tips of your own? Tell us. Need a few shortcuts? Check out last week's post on looking swimsuit svelte in less than two-weeks.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that I always have great intentions of workout while I'm on vacation and then..... 3 drinks later, I forget. Any hints on making it stick?

Om Gal said...

Ha! Thank you for your honesty and good humor. My suggestion is simple: workout BEFORE ordering up the cocktails. The other option is to intersperse your luxurious vacation days with a few, shorter, lighter activities. Go for a walk before breakfast, rent bikes rather than a car during the day, and, by all means, forget your workout, forget your cares, and dance the night away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Om Gal: My boyfriend and I want to take an active vacation (one that requires more sweating than lounging). Any suggestions on where and what? We are both prone to warmer climates so mountaineering in the Alps is out!