Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Mid-Week Reprieve

This pose is the sleeper hit of all yoga poses. It's easy, unglamorous, and extremely effective. Been on your feet all day? Personal masseur off this week? Feeling sluggish or cranky? Never done yoga? Viparita karani provides the rest and rejuvenation you need. It's the perfect antidote for achy legs, a sore back, an energy slump, or an ornery attitude. It may not look like much, but it's an exceedingly effective way to drain lactic acid out of muscles and, generally, recalibrate your body's flow of energy (consider- it's the opposite of what you do all day, which is stand or sit upright). Try it, and feel free to share your own favorite poses and rejuvenation tricks.

Viparita karani:
Sidle up to a wall.

Lie down with your butt close to the baseboard.

Elevate your legs up against the wall.

For added relaxation prop your hips up with a yoga block or pillow. A towel over your eyes is pure bliss.

Use this movement to conclude a yoga practice or a busy day. Remember to breathe deeply. If you fall asleep- sweet dreams!

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