Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday, She's In Love (With a Sweaty Sweetie)!

I love my friends. Wow, big shocker there. Who doesn't love their friends? Who doesn't think their friends are the bees' knees? "Frenemies," you say? I do not compute. Real yogis don't have frenemies. Let me repeat: Frenemies- as in friends that secretly resent each other- are, in a word, TOXIC. Avoid these cliques, crews, homies, entourages, and posses like the plague. They will sap your power. Yuck.

I love friends who tell it like it is, hug it out, make killer playlists, help you break into your apartment when you've locked yourself out, peel you off the floor when you're a weepy puddle of life-crisis goop, cheer you on, pledge to run a marathon with you, drag their baby out to mile 24 to watch the marathon as you run, err, hobble past and don't let on that they're the least bit disappointed that you didn't see them in your delirious Oh-God-Get-Me-To-The-Finish-line state, stop everything to listen, and- well, let's be honest- read your blog . . . And, swear that they love it . . . With a straight face.

I feel so grateful for my pals that I often wonder if I can possibly contribute enough in return, so I was pleased as tofu chocolate pie to field three separate yoga inquiries this week from three separate friends. I include my fav inquiry below, in case it's relevant to the rest of the blogosphere. Hopefully, my answer helped me earn my friendship keep with a pal who once insisted that I dump a guy who was altogether wrong for me (and I knew it) but "nice and cute." "If you want something 'nice' and 'cute,' get a puppy," I vividly recall her saying. Sound advice, actually. Here's her question about finding the perfect yoga mat for her perspiring perfect match.

hi lady,
my sweaty husband has been slipping and sliding around on his mat and is desperately in need of a different one. he's been researching less-slippy mats and has so far been recommended manduka and jade harmony. i figured i'd ask a trusted expert what her thoughts were. any advice?

Hi N:
I hope you don't mind me sharing our Facebook exchange with the rest of the worldwide web. (And, by the way, I know I still owe you a wedding gift; I'm on it; I swear). The Manduka recommendation is a sound one. While earlier models were very heavy and not-so blissfully portable, they've since expanded their line to include lighter and more eco-friendly versions. Jade was early to the eco-chic yoga mat game, but some readers report back that the mats' biodegradable materials don't fare well outdoors (in case hubs ever wants to practice on a sunny Cape Cod porch or Cali mountain top). Plank designs the most artful and unique mats on the planet. Be forewarned, though, the price is steep (around $95), yet your hip hub just might become so inspired by his portable masterpiece that he'll practice enough to make it worthwhile. Currently, I roll with a lululemon mat, presented to me as a gift at last year's Global Mala event (this year's event takes place on Sunday!). I looooove it and have never slipped or fallen on my ass, even during the sweatiest of practices, but sadly, this specific model is no longer in production. Finally, I am a big supporter of local businesses, and Lotus Pad mats is a Boston-based company specializing in tacky (not the design, the non-slip texture), eco-conscious, lightweight mats. Remember Boston, N? Where you're from? Where you should, um, move back? Because I miss you! Oh wait, sorry . . . I forgot we weren't talking on Facebook anymore.

Much love to you & hubby,

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